Virtual or Online Business Manager for Hire

Published 15-02-12


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Phoenix, AZ USA


Virtual or Online Business Manager for Hire
I am a veteran, and a Serious Business Development Manager looking to work with an individual/s or a business to grow their profiles and market share in this economy. - - - - -
We live in a global business world where communications are very convenient with emails, computers and smart phones. This is a changing world…It’s easy to see that the world is becoming ever more connected and interdependent. I live in Arizona, but I can work from home anywhere in American, Europe or the world.
*** Company Name: GTS Consult
*** Name: George S.
*** Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
*** Contact #: 480-231-1840
*** Email:
Picture having a Virtual Business Manager who can just step-in and be responsible for your business so you can achieve your goals. Someone, who while keeping an eye on the big-picture, can manage all the pieces that overwhelm or bog you down, those you don’t do well or don’t like doing. I am a 25+ year professional that can bring a high-value skill set to handle your important managerial duties and work in a long-term collaborative relationship with you. If this is what you’re looking for, I’m your man who will focus on your business. - - - - -
My objective is to offer you honest, timely and dependable support. I am a friendly, disciplined, well-organized, tech-savvy person looking for an opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise in sales, marketing and business development. I can offer you a service to profile targeted accounts in key markets and gather valuable qualification data to help you segment and select your markets and build future business growth opportunities.- - - - - -
I can provide you with everything from lead generations, contact names and application descriptions, to information showing you where your products may fit, making it easier for you or your sales team to penetrate and pursue these accounts.
About me:
I spent the majority of my career at Motorola/ON Semi, White Electronics Design and Virtium Technology, Inc., where I held management positions in Business Development and Product Marketing. I have 25+ years of experience in the electronics industry in design, manufacturing, sales and marketing. I understand the terminologies, specifics and products used in the hi-tech world. - - - -
Some of my key qualifications are Marketing/Business Development Management, Program/Project Management, Trends/Customer Forecasting , all MS Office Suites, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). I am a business oriented person with customer service/marketing and sales traits as well as being mechanically inclined with an electronics background.
In a Nutshell . . . . .
I will help to grow your business by:
• Generating leads
• Obtaining key contacts
• Building a database in SAP, or any CRM system
• Following-up with your customers (old, current & new)
• Supporting you anyway possible
And much, much more . . . . . .
Your next move is to call . . . . . 1-480-231-1840
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