Want Locs but dont want to take the Beautiful Journey? If so Try my SisterLoc Twists $55

Published 28-06-11


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<P>Hello! All you want to be Dread Heads and all you soon to be Dread Heads!<BR>Do you want the Loc look but don't want to take the Beautiful Journey if so<BR>try 2 Strand Twist, SisterLoc Twist,Yarn Twist or Two-Strand Twist. This is a beautiful look that inmates the look<BR>of dread locs. They are so nice and has versatile &amp; different. Think &amp; Be Outside of the Box....<BR>Be the star of the show with your new look alike locs! <BR>I can also start your real locs if you are ready to go through the Beautiful Journey!<BR>You can achieve this look by by 4 different methods which is: Two-Strand Twist, Braids, <BR>Comb Coils (for really short hair) or by adding extensions. Please call or Visit my Website for Pricing!<BR>If you have been thinking about getting locs now is the time.<BR>Locs are very beautiful and very easy to maintain!<BR>Many people have these mythical thoughts that having dreadlocks means less hair maintenance.<BR>It doesn't though; having dreadlocks just means having a different hair maintenance routine.<BR>I can turn drab dreads into luscious locks in 5 easy steps which would be: Wash &amp; Condition, Groom &amp;<BR>My Tender Loving Care and Your Tender Loving Care are needed also!!<BR>Improper dreadlock maintenance can lead to dreads that pop off at the slightest sign of stress - as little as running your fingers through your hair. Worse yet, an irregular hair care routine or following the wrong routine can result in dull-looking dreads or lead to scalp problems like excessive dandruff. Try not to go overboard! That leads to the last tip: stop playing with your hair so much. No matter what you do, new growth will show up at the roots and make your hair look less 'maintained'.<BR>Which leads to another issue; not only is your hair in need of care, but your scalp needs attention too<BR>I just wanted to give you some information on how to care for your locs.<BR>If You are Ready for Beautiful 2 Strand SisterLocks Please call me. You can Visit my Websites for Pictures,Pricing and Videos. The Websites are:</P>
<P>You an also Visit me on YouTube &amp; FaceBook!<BR>**Take care and Be Blessed!!**<BR><BR>"Live, Laugh, Love, &amp; Encourage Someone and You will Be Blessed!<BR>A'Kiyia</P>


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