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Published 12-10-11


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LEVEL #1 BASIC STICK (SMAW) WELDING <BR>This is a beginning course that covers shielded metal arc welding, STICK or SMAW welding. The course gives basic training on techniques and knowledge about SMAW and also includes the use of oxyacetylene flame cutting. The program includes basic blue print reading.<BR><BR>LEVEL #2 BASIC MIG (GMAW) WELDING <BR>This is a beginning course that covers gas metal arc welding, MIG or GMAW welding. The course covers welding in flat, horizontal and vertical positions. The program includes basic blue print reading.<BR><BR>LEVEL #3 BASIC TIG (GTAW) WELDING <BR>This intermediate course covers gas tungsten arc welding of carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. The program includes basic blue print reading.<BR><BR>LEVEL #4 COMBINATION MIG &amp; STICK WELDING <BR>This program consists of all material presented in Level #1 &amp; Level #2 courses.<BR><BR>LEVEL #5 COMBINATION MIG &amp; STICK &amp; TIG WELDING <BR>This program consists of Level #1 &amp; Level #2 &amp; Level 3. It also has an added emphasis on job training skills needed to enter the workplace.<BR><BR>LEVEL #6 PIPE WELDING UPHILL <BR>This program provides a thorough technical understanding of pipe welding nomenclature, weld quality, uphill pipe procedures towards ASME Section IX Code. The program develops skills necessary to make high quality welds on open root mild steel pipe in the 5G, 2G, and 6G positions. The program involves welding with the Shielded Metal Arc Process on mild steel using ER6010 and ER7018 low hydrogen.<BR>The (SMAW) PIPE-Uphill program will be available to welders able to pass a 3/8" plate open root guided bend test. The prerequisite welding &amp; bend test is $35.<BR><BR>LEVEL #7 TEST CODE <BR>This program will prepare the qualified welder for the AWS Test Code requirements. The course consists of (16) sixteen hours of instruction.<BR><BR>LEVEL #8 CERTIFIED WELDING INSPECTOR (CWI) TRAINING -- CALL FOR DETAILS <BR><BR>Knight School of Welding<BR>2017 South 39th Street<BR>Louisville KY 40211<BR>502-778-9767<BR>www.knightschoolofwelding.com<BR><BR>WELDING PROGRAMS BEGIN EVERY WEEK<BR>Day &amp; Evening Training Available <BR><!-- START CLTAGS --><BR><BR>


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