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Pay@Table is an inspiring new and secure way to improve customer service and save you money. It is the latest and most advanced portable payment system available anywhere, and it is guaranteed to make your daily business activities faster, simpler and less tiring than before.
Short-range Wireless terminalVERIFONE makes bringing payment to the table (or counter, sidewalk or anywhere else within its 30 metre range*) fast, simple and reliable. The new short-range transaction terminals are built for outstanding durability and convenience.
*Dramatically reduce cost of card acceptance via convenient and secure PIN debit transactions
*Consumers maintain control of their card, and the customer enjoys a significantly higher level of personal security and reduces fraud potential
*Increase table turn and customer satisfaction by shortening the payment process
*Restaurant and hospitality establishments achieve up to 33% higher wait staff productivity while increasing revenues through process efficiencies
* No extra fees for GPRS networks. It’s a Wi-Fi terminal
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