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Published 31-05-10


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Autoglaze has engineered another innovative breakthrough with an Autoglaze Scratch Remover and Restoration System; the most effective and user-friendly glass restoration system ever developed. Autoglaze scratch remover works on all type of glasses and are used in industries viz. Automotive, new Construction, Commercial, Marine, Aeronautical, Manufacturers. The system has been designed to remove starches, acid graffiti windshield wiper scratches and hard water stains.<BR><BR>Benefits<BR>1. Prevent eyes from high beam lights at night on a road to drive safely.<BR>2. Restore and remove scratches up to 0.1 mm thick.<BR>3. The product protects eyes, hands and the windshield glass from any damage.<BR>4. A complete harmless and risk-free product that can be used frequently for professional users.<BR><BR>Easy to Operate, Fast and Profitable<BR>The Autoglaze Glass Restoration System is designed to assist you perform professional glass restorations in a timely manner. The System is easy to operate and fast. The Autoglaze Glass Restoration System enables you to quickly and safely get to the bottom of the scratch and then polish the glass back to like-new condition.<BR><BR>The Autoglaze Glass Restoration System delivers professional results time after time without any required compounds.<BR><BR>The Autoglaze Glass Restoration System is a great addition to your existing business or as a stand-alone business operation. Either way, this restoration system gives you a substantial competitive advantage in your marketplace. The market for the Autoglaze Glass Restoration System includes such applications as glass damaged during new construction, storefront graffiti damage, water-stained glass, scratched glass furniture, scratched automotive glass, manufactured glass products and many other applications. The Autoglaze Glass Restoration System is designed to remove scratches from all types of glass, including automotive glass, mirrors, and tempered glass, as well as commercial and residential glass. All this translates into profits for you.<BR><BR>Free Factory Training<BR>You can purchase Autoglaze Glass Restoration system, for Free Hands-On Training with your new system at our facility in Mumbai, India.<BR><BR>Our technicians will instruct you on how to remove all types of scratches, acid graffiti and hard water stains. You’ll learn all of the tricks of the trade so you can perform superior restorations that will be the envy of your competitors. Free hands-on factory training can give you the head start you need to generate revenue quickly with your new Autoglaze Windshield Restoration System.<BR><BR>Directions<BR>1. Shake container well before use.<BR>2. Clean the glass and identify the targeted area to be free from scratches.<BR>3. Sprinkle water on the polishing pad and apply Autoglaze scratch remover compound on the same.<BR>4. Polish at 1200 – 1500 rpm. Avoid using in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.<BR>5. Use medium pressure and move the polish machine back and forward in a cross pattern, combined with continuous water spray to keep the windshield glass surface wet.<BR>6. Remove splashes on rubber beading parts immediately with a damp cloth.<BR>7. If necessary clean the glass with Autoglaze glass cleanser.<BR><BR>WHAT IT IS NOT<BR>This system doesn’t claim to magically lift out the scratch. Nor do we claim to mysteriously move the glass molecules to fill in the scratch. We have taken a common sense approach to solving a huge problem. We also don’t try to polish a deep scratch away, this can be an endless task. We remove the needed material and then restore the clarity. For further details write us at<BR><BR>We assure you that an Autoglaze scratch Remover works on all type of glasses and successfully removes scratches ever since its inception in 2002. The Kit also includes the Instruction Manual for proper guidance, usage and solutions. We would really love a distributor from all states in India as it has unlimited potential with all the cars that are being introduced into our country at present.<BR><BR>Also, if you are serious about being our distributor we can provide you specifics about that contract. For further assistance or support you can drop a line to the below mentioned contact.<BR><BR>Vinod Bhalerao<BR>Omkar Enterprises.<BR>(100% Subsidiary of Autoglaze Products)<BR>91 9892992287<BR>91 9833197443<BR><BR>


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