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i Living App
Published 12-01-13


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Check out something new and exciting that could change your financial future forever… starting now.
I was very fortunate to hear about this company BEFORE anybody could join and I’m sure you understand the advantage of “Being First”. I’m IN!

The company started accepting applications on January 3rd and will not enter prelaunch until February 1. If being part of a new venture into the high tech world of smart phone applications sounds intriguing to you, the time to throw your hat in the ring, is NOW!

Only $9.95 a month buys you a really neat mobile phone app (Motivation, Leadership, and Inspiring Videos). This app content can also play on computers and I-Pads. In addition, you are placed into a matrix system that can produce hundreds or thousands of dollars a month from the app distribution around the world.

I believe both the App and the program have the value, concept and price point to absolutely go VIRAL.
Our team is closely connected to one of the company Founders and all of you who choose to take immediate action will be placed in a 3 X 7 forced matrix very early in the game.
This means all the people joining our matrix after us could propel us to a residual income of thousands of dollars per month. We are in a position to change our own financial future and the lives of all we touch. The potential in the matrix is over $2,500 per month PLUS some serious bonuses.

While, there is no sponsoring requirement to earn in the matrix, there are matching 10%, 20% and 40% bonuses for those that sponsor 3, 6 or 10 people. This is pretty easy to do and would really ramp up your earnings significantly.

Watch the Three Videos on my website:

Then make the decision to join me in this exciting venture. What’s the risk?

No financial barrier…it’s only $9.95 per month!

Your Credit Card will not be charged until February 1, 2013!
30 day money back guarantee

No Risk! No Catches, No Gimmicks, No Hoops to Jump Through!

Great placement in a 3x7 forced matrix (automatically builds from top to bottom, left to right)!

Be part of a Worldwide Business!

Remember, if you want to improve your financial future, you have to do something different! JOIN US TODAY!

Visit http://www.iLivingApp.com/untainted/ for the full story.

This is one of those times when you “JUST DO IT!” This is a part-time business that won’t interfere with anything else you are doing, in fact, it could make it better. ILA is a great vehicle to turn life’s challenges into blessings and really get ahead in this New Year!


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