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Your parents didn't have a list of four or so primary values. You don't. Your kids don't. That's a void that affects all of your life, including career choices, dealing with difficult people, raising your kids, managing your marriage or other most-significant relationship, and all the other problems and issues of life.

To fill that values void, you can't really look to world traditions and cultures. Their statements of fundamental values have problems: important values are missing; the list is too long and unmemorable; the words are far too vague, antiquated, and overlapping. That's why you and your family ignored or forgot such statements.

You can't really look to psychotherapy, which really looks to you to fill that void of values (though psychotherapy can help you to better understand yourself and your deep impulses).

Alchemy Life-Values Consulting (trademark) will assist you in one session to quickly identify and evaluate your four or so primary values, ideally with respectful suggestions and comments. It's serious life coaching.

The session will also help you to define those values with as much precision and intellectual rigor as possible, and, if we have time in the session, will help you to apply those values to a specific issue or two that you are facing.

If you have a short, clear list of primary values, then that can help you to respond better to many situations and issues, even in the moment and under stress.

To give you extreme value for your money, one session is sufficient. A session can be by phone or email.

Please email for further details.

Because of the importance of this work, the fee is currently flexible: please propose a fee that you can afford.

Washington DC

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