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Published 22-03-13


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As we know that now day’s every married couple are facing many types of problem in his married life which may be related to different matter. Mostly we see misunderstanding between each other is the main thing which is responsible for it. Marriages problems are increasing day by day so we must need solutions for solve them. Many types of problems come in a married life if we don’t understand them then these all the problems can break our relation.

If we see than the main reason of marriage problem is that does not understand each other, everyone has much expectation from his partner and much more problems we can see in a married couple\'s life these can be-

Late marriage is also a reason for it.
Does not understand each other.
Wife not satisfied or may be physically weak husband.
Today’s woman not likes to live with her in-laws.
Woman doubts her husband and think husbands may be affair with other woman.
Misunderstanding between the two, due to feeble financial position, woman is not happy.
Both are have affairs.
Busy professional life.
Your time is not with you because of your planet movement or any types of kundli dosha.


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