place in mumbai where u get fake note machine

Price $1,200.00
Published 17-07-12


Location: Home Location
mumbai, maharashtra,india



1) This model is having enough space for holding bundle of 50 to 75
number notes at one time.
2) It is capable of Magnifying the money or notes to 10X times of the
actual size.
3) The model is having reflector on three sides for increasing Ultra
Violet (UV) effect and better visibility of fake notes.
4) Option available for fixture of machine on table.
5) It is having 2 types of lights as UV light & White light for checking
any types of documents and notes.
6) This machine is capable of detection Fake notes and also available
for checking Passports, Bank Cheques, Credit/Debit cards etc.
7) Suitable for Fake money detection of any kind of Currencies all
over the World.
8) Best suitable for less notes and small shops etc.

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