script writing direction course... film producing course

Published 21-08-13


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Affordable Institute of Films & Televisions, Now In Mumbai!
Course#1 - Screenwriting/Script writing For Films & Televisions
Course#2 - Direction For Films & Televisions
Course#3 - Movie Producing/Producer For Films & Televisions
It is personal privately tuition with theoretical & practical with all aspects of filmmaking. It is only for passionate candidate about filmmaking in very very minimum fees. Interested can message me here or imbox me at Certificate will be given to participated.
NOTE: Mainly this is for who have no more money or poor family background or can't afford fees of expensive courses or he is on job n he can’t leave it bcoz family condition but he want to learn…collage student and he has passion about filmmaking. Selection after taking Interview Only. PLEASE, SPREAD & SHARE EVERYWHERE WITH WHO ARE NEEDED. Must Send ur email ID first for more details. Thanks.
Contact person: Mr. Vishu Sarkar / cell: 8419914603 / email:


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