Published 15-04-19


RLZ Male Enhancement There are not so many options. Cardinal - change your husband with a random partner. Sometimes it can stir up old feelings. Costly - buy in the sex shop of various devices and with their help try to get aroused at the time of foreplay. Very difficult - to represent someone else on the husband’s place. But this will have to be done almost constantly. Each option can bring its results. And if one did not help, use the second. If you could not cope with this situation, exit two. Or divorce, to give his own and loved ones in the wrong hands. Or wait, because this stage in the relationship will end after some time. Lovemaking is needed not only for procreation. Sex holds a special place in relations between people. It promotes emotional and physical unloading, gives a lot of positive emotions, because during love joys, the hormone of happiness is produced - endorphin. Therefore, in order for sex to be always a joy and enjoyable, it is advisable to study your partner’s erogenous points and yours. Sex is good for health and mood. And additional stimulation and caress of erogenous zones - places of the greatest accumulation of nerve endings - can give new, unforgettable sensations to lovemaking. There are many such points on the body breasts, lips, earlobes, hollow around the neck, nipples. In some people, auricles, earlobes, dimples under the knees, etc., have a special sensitivity. The main thing for partners is to be able to detect them. And then the intimate relationship will gain new sensations. Do not be afraid to experiment and explore the body of your beloved and, of course, your own. By the way, it is believed that women have the greatest number of erogenous points. And among them there are a lot of new, not yet tried, which are ignored during lovemaking. And in vain.

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