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male you need to slow down a little bit man slow down you know what I mean because you can tell me if you just if you have a woman right say for instance you have a woman you have only one woman right what kind of problem you got to serve is a one-woman man that'll make no damn sense yeah you can't you can't overdrive one woman still so you always get to save back you know what I mean you always get to hold back and have something in reserve yeah that's true yeah you get to owe something in reserve okay you're not you're not you're not running two three four females a day yeah that mean you have you can you can service you one woman two times a day three times a day w pro blast xl
hat the fuck yeah that's a job so you telling me that you stamina gone desire gone and this is gone no that's all you was yeah ain't nothing change that's all you was yeah what's up Dwight what I do check on loophole yeah see what I do Ellen yeah that's crazy they're tricking the people and like I say you have more erectile problem now that they're bringing viagra no a lot of people yeah if you think that

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