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Introduction to JDeveloper 11g and ADF <br>Exploring JDeveloper <br>Database Schema Design <br>Data Modeling with ADF Business Components <br>Entity Objects and Associations <br>View Objects and View Links <br>Application Modules <br>Programmatically Modifying Default Behavior <br>User Input Validation <br>Troubleshooting ADF BC <br>Introduction to User Interface Technologies <br>Understanding ADF Data bindings <br>Understanding ADF Task Flows <br>Enriching the Page Content <br>Understanding Layout Basics <br>Ensuring Reusability <br>Implementing Page Navigation <br>Handling Application Events <br>Managing and Validating Data <br>Transaction Management <br>Troubleshooting User Interface <br>Deploying ADF Applications (Web Logic)<br><br>Contact : Rocky<br>Contact No:7416968997<br>consultantsrn@gmail.com

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