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Problems can be solved with the help of World Most Powerful Healing System "SAMDA" & Human Magnetic Force "HMF".

Achieve Natural Health
Achieve Professional Success
Achieve Personal Success
Boost the Power of Concentration
Control Your Mind Power
Weight Loss
Increased Self Confidence
Highly Developed Intuition
Reduced Stress and Anxiety
You Become More Self-Aware
Flashes of Insight and Inspiration
Obtain Greater Clarity and Insight
Deepen Your Spiritual Connection
Feelings of Well-Being and Euphoria
A Boost of Mind Power and Creativity
A Deep Sense of Peace and Good-Will
Enter into the Higher State of Awareness
Heighten Your Senses to access new levels of Spiritual Awareness and Blissful Inner Calm [You start to think very clearly]
Anger, rage and violent behavior
Hyper activity in children and adult
Various pains and aches including Migraine, arthritis, rheumatism e
Various ailments related to heart, blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, hormonal imbalance

Spiritual Protection
Erase Bad Karma
House Cleansing
Ghost Removal
Court & Legal Luck
Family Disputers
Stop Divorce
Love with Husband
Love with Wife
Protection from Enemy
Aura Cleansing
Chakra Balancing
Relationship / Commitment
Marriage Proposal
Solution for Your Marriage
Career, Job & Business

Psychic Reading
Dream Interpretation.


28th April, at 3.PM, at PC Hotel.

12th, May at 3.PM, at PC Hotel.

Watch NATURAL HEALTH With Dr. Abdul Samad, daily at 7.PM, on Indus Vision

For more info contact
Zheel Sciences Institute
Call +922135810215 / 35444456-7.

New York

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