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Dear Students

I am providing online training in C#.NET with lowest fee. Interested candidates can reach me at : dotnettrainer1974@gmail.com for further details.

Here is the course curriculum :

Duration : 35 days

Lecture 1
Introduction .NET Platform, Elements of .NET Platform, Common Language Runtime, .NET Base Class Library, Common Type System, The First Program, Comand Line Arguments

Lecture 2
Data types, Type Safety, Type Conversion, Console I/O, Operators, Control Instructions, Loops, Procedures, Call be Ref, Call by Val, Difference between Procedural & OO Programming, Classes & Objects, Access Specifiers, References, Constructors, Output Type, Parameter Type

Lecture 3
this keyword, Difference between readonly and const , Inheritance, base keyword, Operator Overloading

Lecture 4
Namesspaces, Arrays-Rectangular & Jagged, For Each-in loop, Passing Arrays to Methods, System.Array Class, System.String Class

Lecture 5
Enumerations, Properties, Abstract Properties, Indexers, Exceptional Handling, Creating Custom Exception classes

Lecture 6
Collections Namespace, Stack, Queue, Hashtable, Dictionary, IEnumerator

Lecture 7
WinForms - GDI+

Lecture 8
GDI+ - Transformations, Processing Mouse & Keyboard Input, Events & Delegates

Lecture 9
Controls, Employee Form, Builing UI

Lecture 10
User Controls, Building application with MSAgent COM component

Lecture 11
SDI, Menus, Toolbars, Statusbars

Lecture 12
File I/O & Serialization, MDI

Lecture 13
Threading, How to launch threads, Thread States, Thread Priorities, Foreground and Background Threads

Lecture 14
Synchronization using Synclock, Monitor, Mutex, Events, R-W Locks and Interlocked mechanism, Thread Pooling

Lecture 15
Multithreading-Synchronization, Thread Pooling, Assemblies, Static Linking, Dynamic linking, Dll Hell, Disadvantages of DLLs, COM

Lecture 16
Assemblies & Manifests, Creating and Using Private & Shared Assemblies, Deployment, Delayed Signing

Lecture 17
Versioning, Redirection, Application Domains, Language Interoperability, COM Interoperability

Lecture 18
Networking Basics, TCP/IP chat, UDP

Lecture 19
Internet, Http GET and POST, Request, Response, Uploading an Downlaoding files using WebClient

Lecture 20
Software Architecture, ADO.NET Architecture, SQL.NET and OLE DB.NET Data Providers, Creating & Accessing Stored Procedure

Lecture 21
Writing Image to Database, Accessing BLOB, Connected & Disconnected Approaches, Using DataGrid Control, Declarative and Programmatic Transactions

Lecture 22
XML, XML & ADO.NET, XML Document Parser, XML Reader, XML Writer

Lecture 23
Web Architecture, Pros & Cons of Server Scripts/Programs, ASP.NET, Creating ASP.NET Applications, Server Controls

Lecture 24
Validation Controls, Accessing Database Through ASP.NET Application, Web User Controls

Lecture 25
ASP.NET State Management Models, Session States, State Management Through Database, Cookiless State Management

Characteristics At a Glance :

Follow Traditional method of daily theory and practical classes.
Complicated Courses : More complicated things you learn, less is the competition.
Free Study material : Distribute handouts to every student.
Teaching through Active Matrix Multicolor presentations.

Quality Courseware : Teaching is done through Active Matrix Multicolor presentations - a new style of teaching pattern unique through out the world.

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