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Published 19-01-12


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FREE HOME SECURITY SYSTEM HOUSE, APARTMENT & BUS! Call 1 800 749-3178 or 1 877 605-5741- Open 24 hours) ( FREE EQUIPMENT OFFER!)

No Equipment Cost! No Landline Phone Needed! Voip Ok! (100% WIRELESS) No Holes In Walls! You Install or We Install For You! (GE or ADT Monitoring )


CALL Now Toll Free For Limited Time Offer!

CALL 1 800 749-3178

" YOU GET ALL OF THE BELOW FREE!"*Wireless Touchpad3 points of protectionFree security systemWith $99.00 Customer Installation Charge & purchase of alarm monitoring services. See Important Terms & Conditions to this offer below.Key Chain RemoteMotion DetectorWith Pet ImmunityLifetime Warranty24 hr. uninterrupted monitoring

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ADT Home Security - Keeping You Safe for Over a Century is authorized Dealer of ADT home security.

When ADT home security says they have been keeping you safe for over a century, it' a home concern.

No other company is as committed to your security as ADT. ADT's unparalleled level of dedication has enabled us to offer you certain benefits you simply won't find anywhere else. ADT's web of strategically placed Customer Monitoring Centers give ADT Home Security the ability to continuously watch over your home or office, uninterrupted. ADT is so confident in their monitoring abilities that under certain theft-related circumstances they'll pay your deductible! (*certain restrictions apply) And we're not the only one's who know the value of ADT monitoring; when signing up for our home security services you can save on your home owner's insurance.

ADT isn't just for the homeowners, either. They're trusted to protect literally thousands of organizations throughout the nation including most US retail and financial institutions, the majority of America's Fortune 500 companies, and all US government buildings and airports.

Untouchable monitoring capabilities; safeguards against theft, fire, carbon monoxide, flooding, medical emergencies and more; the trust of America's homes, businesses, banks and governmental institutions, what more could you ask for? How about personable, friendly ADT representatives specially trained to keep you safe, calm, and guide you through any emergency? ADT knows the value of friendship when you need it most, and that's what really sets ADT apart.

The nation's largest provider gives you great local service 24/7.

CALL 1 800 749-3178


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