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<P><BR>Make a fashion statement w/o saying a word...<BR>Hi. Introducing a New luxury brand of men's briefs, underwear:FU e=fu8.<BR>They are available in snow white, with a royal blue lettering, available in sizes S (27-30), M (31-34), L (35-40) &amp; XL (41-45).<BR>Made of super luxurious cotton that is heavenly soft to the touch (you have to feel it to believe it), made in Manhattan's historical garment, fashion district by hand.<BR>FU is name of the designer, and e=fu8 is his trademarked formula for the pleasure principle.<BR>Life is short, maximize your pleasure principle...<BR>Go to: <U><FONT color=#800080><A rel="nofollow" href="http://fuunderwear">http://fuunderwear</A></FONT></U> dot com to experience the pleasure principle &amp;. pass it on</P>
<P>the first 188 orders will receive a personal handwritten thank you note from the designer himself.<BR><BR><!-- START CLTAGS --><BR></P>

New York City

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