Health and Medicinal Marijuana

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Published 13-03-12


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New York


We are manufacturer and suppliers of best and highest quality Meds and other related product /Chemicals
we have purple kush and all other related meds for sale(Acapulco Gold · BC Bud · Holland’s Hope · G-13 · Jedi · Kush · Netherlands Weed · Northern Lights · Panama Red · Purple Haze ·
Delicious, No fruit, no hash, just pure smooth kush. Nice clean taste, it hits hard but wow does it taste crisp. A bit of a lemon aftertaste lingers in your mouth. Smooth kush taste and a perfect medicinal pain reliever instead of feeling just numb like other heavy indicas it simply just makes things stop hurting and its perfect for headaches, insomnia, pain relieve and many others. This strain is perfect for anytime of day because while it does make you extremely relaxed it leaves you very clear headed.


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