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Published 23-02-12


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Petty Offenses and Crimes of the Heart, the new short story collection from Mitchell Waldman, has been receiving great reviews, such as Midwest Book Review's statement that in "Petty Offenses & Crimes of the Heart...Waldman­ talks on many topics throughout recent history and the struggles to understand an impossible to understand world. With poignancy and wisdom peppered throughout, Petty Offenses & Crimes of the Heart is a read that is well worth considering,­ highly recommended."­ And author Perry Glasser's (author of Dangerous Places) comments that the stories in Petty Offenses "startle a reader with sudden, uncompromising­ insight. They seem ordinary people engaged in ordinary lives until betrayals, accidents, and misfortune put the puzzles of their weak choices and unfair chance into stark relief when they are left with a kind of clarity they might have been happier not to have. Yet these stories are not moralistic judgments. Readers will come away from this book better for having spent time with Waldman’s well wrought characters, all sprung from the heart of an exacting writer gifted with compassion."­

If you enjoy fine short fiction, check out Mitchell Waldman's PETTY OFFENSES AND CRIMES OF THE HEART today, at http://mitchwald­­m/pettyoffenses.­html


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