Samsung B2330H 23" Wide Screen LED Monitor for Sale in Hyderabad

Price $5,590.00
Published 24-04-12


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Call 9885729292 to buy Samsung B2330H Myst Eco 23" Wide Screen Monitor in Hyderabad. The Samsung B2330H monitor offers a fresh, fun, and fashionable break from traditional design convention. Its technological innovation, sensational style, and user-friendly features make it stand out from the crowd. With a screen that is ideally suited for all types of multimedia entertainment and first class picture quality, they turn leisure into pleasure. Visit our homepage

Samsung B2330H 23" Wide Screen LED Monitor Features to Buy:

HDMI Portability: Connect Faster, Better.
Magic Eco: Control brightness, conserve energy.
Perfect high speed performance
High Dynamic Contrast
Magic Return A monitor that takes the initiative to share.
Magic Angle:Reduce eyestrain. Enhance your viewing experience.
Feel the Effects of Colour
Picture Perfection
The Smart Size
Goes Off by Itself
Customize Your Control
Low Power Consumption
Easy Connections
Wall Mount Supported
MagicBright 3
Windows 7 Supportable Monitor


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