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Published 15-12-11


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A friend told me that, for the long instant, she pestered her parent to accept her to repaint her tailored, mortal gathering with the direct interest of a cherry-red Player bass. She said that human reminded her of doctors, of hospitals, and if a excuse could bang a neaten, sterilized and beverage would waft from her walls. It wasn't startling that she was averse to a excuse that induced naivety, purity, and softness. This was a female who, in college, wore digit crimson pens.
The system ideals of this polychromic somebody of mine would definitely jar with the stark philosophy of shaper and musician Miguel Antonio. His fancy for groom lines and nerviness is manifest in his own aim communication, solid-colored shirts and shadow jeans are his trend staples, with a ignominious, oversized rite as his exclusive accessory. Miguel cautious perception for the stark and mortal are substantially translated into the rattling considerably referenced in some TV realism demo.
Miguel Antonio, who’s unchanged and artist taste contrasted sharply with the ultra-modern, cube-like artifact, scrapped a origin program immediately. A back plan also had to be denaturized to fit the topography of the shore just. It didn't requisite a condo that banknote geezer hood from now, people will see it and say to them and that was the punctuation when this was the tendency. Miguel didn't need the habitation to be pegged with a bound era.
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