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Published 30-11-11


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As young boys, brothers Miguel and Antonio spent summers helping out in the furniture business of their grandparents in heart of San Diego. But Miguel and Antonio both interior design graduates, were never keen on the ornate and traditional style that the family business was known for. “We have always been drawn to clean lines, to impeccably-detailed furnishing. Pure serendipity led the brothers to go to Italy, the mecca for contemporary furniture lovers. In 1998, Miguel and Antonio were both busy practicing their profession, but were also keen on putting up a business where the whole family could work together.

Their paths crossed with an Italia representative who was looking ay setting up business in San Diego. Apparently, he was so impressed by the brothers; passion and knowledge of contemporary designers that Miguel and Antonio got the call three weeks later announcing that they would be the exclusive distributor of a famous Italian brand in San Diego.

The year 2000 was a banner year for the brothers. “The millennium year saw a lot of houses and condominiums being built, and people were receptive to the minimalist look. Curtains were disappearing and roman shades were the preference. Heavy prints and heavy materials were being replaced by light, sleek materials. The direction of all the industries involved, architecture, construction, and interior design was all going towards contemporary,” Miguel explains.

The Italian company expanded over the years, propelled by the passion of the brothers, who are designers’ first and business people second.

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