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Published 23-02-12


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Tongkat ali
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Numerous scientific studies have shown that tongkat ali raises testosterone levels.
The higher testosterone levels that are caused by tongkat ali have so far been of interest primarily because they are associated with enhanced libido (thus the use of tongkat ali by older men) and increased muscle gain (thus the interest of younger men in this old medication). Tongkat ali has also been used in rather high quantities by some men to cause genital size increases (though this application has not been endorsed by physicians).
Because the effects on males have been studied most extensively, one other aspect, which is of interest to females even more than to males, has largely been neglected: the effect, tongkat ali has on body fat composition.
However, numerous studies have shown that testosterone is not just the hormone of desire but also the hormone of slim.
Even without taking a look at the scientific evidence (thousands of studies published in peer-reviewed journals), the connection between testosterone levels and obesity is obvious. Young men, whose high levels of testosterone are well-established, can eat enormous quantities of food without gaining weight. It's their high testosterone levels that deal with the calories.
Even though testosterone is known as the male hormone, women, too, synthesize it. Actually, their female hormones, estrogens, are derivatives of testosterone, from which they are processed by the enzyme aromatase.
If anything, the effect of testosterone in women is more dramatic than in men. Women with high levels of testosterone have a libido that goes through the roof, regularly reporting serial orgasms (much to the enjoyment of their husbands).
In women too, the effect of testosterone on body composition is more dramatic than in men. Women with high testosterone levels are almost never overweight.
For the above reasons, an increasing number of women have experimented with tongkat ali, and found it to be a very valuable addition, indeed, to any weight-loss strategy.
However, women take tongkat ali differently from men. While men usually prefer capsules, in order to bypass the bitter taste of tongkat ali, women who use tongkat ali for weight loss usually go for the tea, as the tongkat ali has an appetite-suppressing effect on the mouth and stomach. The best effects have been reported by women who drink the tongkat ali as a tea with meals (two bites of food, one sip of tongkat ali). Indonesian weight loss clinics which sell the tongkat ali diet to hopelessly overweight women guarantee the success. (no loss of at least 10 percent of body weight, ??no charge).
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