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Published 01-10-11


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<div>Web Support Tech, based in the beautiful Northwest city of Portland, Oregon, offers traditional and next generation Website Design and Programming, Custom Software, Application Development, Web Support and ongoing Maintenance Services.With technical expertise in Graphic Design,PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA, AJAX, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, ZenCart, OsCommerce, ROR, Flash and Flex Design as well as SEO/SEM skills Web Support Tech is committed to meeting your total computing needs, whatever they may be.We are ready, willing and able to assemble a team from our network of IT and Design professionals, selected and screened from those best suited to your specific project requirements. Our experienced Specialists based in cities across the USA and around the globe, each report to Project Team Managers through a centralized communications facility. Our goal is to provide you with a secure way to reduce the time, human resources and capital you need to invest to keep your in-house systems operating at peak performance levels and to help create and expand your global internet presence.</div><div><br></div><div>Our Web: http://www.websupporttech.com</div>


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