Why Some People Loves to Eat Banana?

Published 22-12-11


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It is long, yellow and abundantly sold in markets for raw consumption. Delicious and fresh bananas are always available all year through and do not cost as much as other fruits. Bananas are ranked third as the most popular fruit following apples and oranges. The simple and humble banana is everywhere but not everybody is informed of its raw and just as abundant positive benefits and advantages for the body. A tropical fruit planted and cultivated in tropical and subtropical zones, a banana plant bears an arranged tiered cluster of normally 6 to 20 fruits per tier and a whole bunch ranging from 5 to 20 tiers. Bananas are creamy white in color which is deliciously sweet and tart, rich in potassium, 11 other minerals and 6 vitamins.

A good source of fiber, Potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Iron, Manganese and Folate, bananas are considered to be one nutritious and healthy food choice. Bananas are low in sodium, cholesterol, calories, and contain almost no fat, bananas contains anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. One rarely finds a fruit this small, packing a wallop of healthy nutrients.

Bananas as energy booster, athletes consume a lot of banana since bananas have proven to be great energy boosters. Bananas naturally contain fibers and natural sugars that provides energy to consumers. Researchers have shown that consuming two bananas could supply the needed energy boost good for a 90-minute strenuous workout. The potassium in bananas helps build muscles and protein synthesis since potassium helps stimulate nerve impulses for muscle contraction.

Bananas in fighting depression and recent study shows that feeding banana to people who may be suffering from depression would feel better after. It has been said that bananas contain a type of protein called trypotophan which the body turns into serotonin. Serotonin helps in making an individual feel relaxed, improve mood and feel happier. Vitamin B6 aids in the fusion of antibodies found in the immune system which can affect moods. We can spread love, joy and piece by sharing and feeding people bananas.

Bananas help the body to defend and prevail over infections. Aside from stimulating nerve impulses, bananas reduce the risk of high blood pressure due to low sodium. Packed with iron, bananas can help in cases of anemia since bananas are able to stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood. The high potassium content and low salt content of bananas make bananas perfect to beat blood pressure. A lowered blood pressure will reduce the risk of stroke. Bananas having high fiber can help aid in normal bowel movement and reduces the risk of people suffering from constipation.

Bananas, brain booster and potassium content of bananas make an individual more alert. Vitamin C’s are known to improve mental capacity, spatial memory and brain development. Since bananas contain vitamins such as potassium and Vitamin C, bananas are then natural brain boosters.

Bananas do not just taste good but it also packed with various body, brain and mood enhancers. A banana a day keeps the doctor away indeed.

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