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<P>CRUISE CRITIC<BR>Cruise Critic, 7 Soho Square,<BR>London, WC1D 3QB</P>
<P>We want to use this medium to inform you that vacancies are now on for the under-listed job. Do let us know if you have any interest in working in any of the </P>
<P>areas in which Cruise Critic Offers, from restaurant, Office-work, to child care:</P>
<P>*Au pair/Babysitting,<BR>*First Engineer<BR>*AB<BR>*2nd Engineer/mate,<BR>*Electrician,<BR>*Captain,<BR>*Stew work,<BR>*Mate Engineer,<BR>*Deckhand,<BR>*Doctor,<BR>*Casino Dice Dealer,<BR>*Accountant<BR>*Nurse,<BR>*First Mate,<BR>*Mechanic,<BR>*Chef,<BR>*Dancer,<BR>*Entertainer,<BR>*Stewart,<BR>*Chef Steward,<BR>*Cook Steward,<BR>*Stewardess/Masseuse<BR>*3rd Engineer/Mate</P>
<P>Job Salary: Depending on your roll of specialization, Salary Ranging from 3,500.00GBP - 7,500.00GBP. They are negotiable and we shall take care of your </P>
<P>Accommodation, feeding and Pre-training on arrival. If you are interested to work with us in any position, please kindly send your resume/CV to our </P>
<P>Recruiting Officer (Mr. Fred Coleman) via e-mail (<A rel="nofollow" href="mailto:cfred30@yahoo.com">cfred30@yahoo.com</A>) or Call (+44 7035967371) immediately with your personal details, including your roll of </P>
<P>profession/Skill of Specialization.</P>
<P>Management<BR>Cruise Critic<BR></P>

New York

  Send Message   Phone: 7035967371

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