Published 10-01-19

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Trialix There are no contracts Both must be mature enough to understand that they are totally free to do whatever they want after getting out of bed. Topics such as fidelity are left over. What you should make clear is that if you do not wear protection you will never go to bed with him. The amount of sex needed to be happy is ... 4. Be honest The best thing about this 'type of relationships' is that there is no need to lie or to look good, this would ruin everything!
Trialix Canadawhat do we really like about sexSave Photo: iStock by Getty Images If you do not like something during sex, speak it, if you do not want to see it, say it and if you felt like having sex at two in the morning, call him. What can happen? 5. Keep it spontaneous As I mentioned in the previous point, talk to him when you feel like having sex! Avoid defining a day for your meetings or seeing yourself in the same hotel, this could lead you to be routine.

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