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table around pike but like get me the championship to do that but the way you want yeah the way he fights so many and he just tagged you bang bang this is it he like no exaggeration eventually it hurts and then how he thinks he is he shows some flashy plays and flashy kicks and all that shit other than that man I said now anything alpha testo boost x tennis no he's definitely a solid fighter but I think he is a especially in his new weight class I'm pretty sure he's in a new weight class and this in this new way class he is I don't know man he's like you said he's in white weight right now so you got that's the best well he went here this was oh man there's why God getting wild ad man yeah he didn't seen a couple though look like he just got done back from a trip from Australia head and pause it here because he gets on strike back now he said I don't kn

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