Published 13-11-19

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Location: Algeria
New York New York


Dxn code strike don't want to take medicine for the rest of my life and how am I going to I need to really follow I had eliminated all those bad foods from my from my diet or what I was eating okay so I think I started you know believing in myself and believing this could work it was gradual okay I didn't set any goals really I said maybe small ones in my head but I did not I didn't write them down I didn't really tell anybody but I see yeah I'm not okay we winter fall did you along here along your journey did you visual I like did you imagine yourself then I I don't know I find it interesting to think like did dxn code strike you encourage yourself in your head or like did you look at other people and compare yourself no I tried not to compare my yeah there's because that sometimes hinder yes and got me down just a little because I compare myself to others and they would be they would be the size or have the shape that I wanted and I was in there yet

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