Andhra Pradesh venugopal
12-10-15 4 Hits provides customized, personalized, business-centric, user-centric and flexible smart phone applications. I can design and develop various intensive and interactive sites with stunning features, rich graphics & user friendly interfaces along with flexibility and speedy processing data apps using Android and iPhone application development platforms.
Android Application Development
The Android is a preferred platform for smart-devices with user friendly applications. I develop different kind of android apps as per client requirements and also open market apps for distributing into large and growing market base with the help of own tools.
IPhone Application Development, the name itself symbolizes our innovativeness and user friendly design standards. I have strong experience in UX Designing, Development and deployment with hands full of expertise on iPhone application development process. My solutions are based on SDK framework that is used to develop user friendly and trendy applications. believes in effective communication methodologies. I will work in accordance to requirements and specifications in each stage to ensure the client satisfaction with user interface design, prototype development, deployment and testing.

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