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We have 12000 customers across 65+ countries and have delivered customized solutions to meet varying business needs. Our IVR (Interacting Voice Response) systems have been installed in various Call Centers, Small, Medium & Big companies, Government organizations, Educational institutions, Construction Companies,etc.
Super Receptionist is your personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment. You get a 10 Digitnumber where your customers can call 24x7.
Your customers are greeted with a customized message and can select the extension set by you to speak with the right team member or leave a voice mail.
At a low price, you can project the image of a professional company and never worry about losing important leads.
Product Features:
1. Incoming calls are forwarded to your mobile or you can also set forwarding rules.
2. If your phone is busy, the next programmed number is called.
3. List of all the people who call you is accessible on the website - You never lose a business lead.
4. Never Busy, available 24x7.
5. Call recording
6. Voice Mail.
7. Ability to set your work hours – after work hours your customers are sent to Voice Mail.
8. Detailed call logs with date, time of call, caller id, duration of call and forwarded number.
9. No software or hardware installation.


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